Statistical Research Group

About Us

Mission Statement

  • The Research Group seeks to awaken the interests and create good exposure for researchers in Statistics in the African sub-region and direct their focus to up-to-date work in the frontier of knowledge in the subject. The envisaged exchange of ideas would promote excellence in the theory and application of Statistics. Thus, the programmes of activities would cover a wide range of topics in Statistics and Probability which would include the most recent developments and the state of the art in a variety of modern researches.

Focus of Academic Activities and Areas of Research Emphasis and Expertise

  • The focus of the Research Group is to: create a forum for communication collaboration between researchers in Statistics in Nigeria and other parts of the world and build a network of researchers in Statistics who will closely communicate intellectually without the limitation of distance.
  • The areas of research emphasis and expertise are: mathematical statistics, statistical modeling and manpower systems, nonparametric estimation, time series analysis, statistical computing, data analysis, discriminant analysis, experimental design, etc.

Our Members

  • Prof. S. M. Ogbonmwan
  • Prof. J. E. Osemwenkhae
  • Prof. J. I. Mbegbu
  • Dr. J. I. Odiase
  • Dr. C. C. Ishiekwene
  • Dr. N. Ekhosuehi
  • Dr. G. Ariavie
  • Dr. F. O. Oyegue
  • Dr. A. Iduseri
  • Dr. F. Ewere
  • Dr. D. E. Omorogbe
  • Dr. V. U. Ekhosuehi
  • Mr. E. M. Ogbeide
  • Mr. O. Ikpotokin
  • Dr. B. Afere
  • Mr. S. A. Osagie
  • Mr. F. Ezeh
  • Mr. B. Eguasa